PunkHire: Mission, Objective and Vision

Mission Statement

PunkHire's mission is to assist, educate and encourage young adults to pursue challenging professions by implementing various creative programs, equipping them to succeed in their career endeavors. This will expose them to work experience, develop professionalism, and will allow them to explore various fields of interest and ultimately discover their career passions.


PunkHire is being established to implement various creative programs for young adults to ultimately allow them to self-direct to a career path they are passionate about. This organization will partner with local companies to create various temporary rotational employment opportunities for high school seniors. In addition, PunkHire aims to provide additional short programs such as summer camps, hands on training, and various professional development workshops. PunkHire will also demonstrate new, creative resume and interviewing techniques by using today's technology to innovate the way young adults apply for employment.


PunkHire's vision is to be a glue for the community and bring together schools, companies, public leaders, and decision makers to ensure the successful education and assimilation of young adults into the workforce. PunkHire as an organization wants to have a presence in every major metropolitan area and to be an organization every high school student seeks to have an experience with. Our goal is to provide assistance to students to gain better overall understanding of various professional industries, their future career opportunities, and to help them find their lifelong career passions. Companies will utilize PunkHire to give back to their local communities through work experience for young adults, to be able to assist through hands on, and onsite educational experiences that typically can't be found in the traditional classroom. School districts and administrators will seek out PunkHire to provide these connections to students to expand their educational exposure.

PunkHire wants to reduce the amount of students who blindly choose a profession based on assumptions or factors that are misleading, incompatible with their real desires, or just plain false. PunkHire hopes to decrease the student dropout rates of college students who are unhappy with their major or discover it would lead them to a career they are not interested in. PunkHire also desires to reduce the number of students who graduate from college with a degree that leads to a career they are not passionate about, while saddled with crippling student loans. PunkHire will accomplish these things through our various creative programs which will inform, educate, and assist young adults to understand their career options. We will also help young adults to get early work experience and show them various professions that will lead to a career that will be fulfilling which they can be passionate about.

PunkHire Programs


PunkHire: 2014-2015

Punks 2 Professionals program, a ten-month rotational internship program where high school seniors will be selected to rotate through various temporary occupations to expose them to different professional fields.

Summer Mosh Program

Summer of 2014

Summer week program where students will learn about various professions and engage in activities that will teach them about various career opportunities.


Summer of 2014

Once a month, PunkHire provides tutorials showing young adults techniques and various other methods and tips to increase student's professionalism.