Donate to PunkHire

Guidance, motivation, and structure are components PunkHire desires to administer to our youth; however, we cannot do this on our own. Working as a community, we can tackle the problem of students entering post-secondary school without guidance and preparation. PunkHire provides the necessary tools to assist the future workforce to reach their highest potential; however, our vision will not be possible without the involvement and contribution by our surrounding community. There are three ways to get involved and contribute to PunkHire: Financially, volunteering time and resources, and perhaps the most valuable way to contribute, providing opportunities for work experience.

PunkHire seeks financial contributions from companies, businesses, organizations, professionals, and anyone willing to donate to help fund various programs and activities. Donations are needed to fund transportation, food, facilities and other resources that are necessities for all programs.

PunkHire achieved the 501(c)(3) status to officially operate as a non-profit organization. For startup costs PunkHire is requesting an estimated of $45,000 - $50,000 to cover intern wages, issurance, legal services like lawyer fees, CPA and bookkeeping, web site fees, material to advertise, and other fees required to start up this organization.