PunkHire: Programs

PunkHire hopes to partner with local companies to create various temporary rotational employment opportunities for high school seniors. In addition, PunkHire aims to provide additional short programs, such as summer camps, hands-on training, and various professional development workshops. PunkHire plans to demonstrate new creative resume and interviewing techniques by using today's technology to innovate the way young adults apply for employment.

Punks 2 Professionals Program (P2P)

PunkHire introduces the Punks 2 Professionals program, a ten-month rotational internship program where a handful of high school seniors will be selected to rotate through various temporary occupations with the goal of exposing them to different professional fields. PunkHire hopes to partner with the Benicia School District, specifically Benicia High School and Liberty High School. The organization will seek partnership and support from several local companies to provide work experience to selected high school seniors. Students will rotate every eight to ten weeks to different occupations over the ten-month period, working three hours after school and earning at least minimum wage. Students will be encouraged to save a portion of their earnings to learn the benefits of financial management. Students who demonstrate the discipline to do so will be rewarded for their patience and foresight. Students will also be required to document their work experience and provide a presentation for each rotation.

PunkHire will be responsible for creating an agenda for students to follow, mapping out their specific rotations for the entire year. Local companies partnering with the organization will be responsible for assigning an employee volunteer to mentor a student for three hours a day for eight to ten weeks. The mentor's responsibilities will be to show the students proper safety procedures, educate them on the field they are working in by providing them hands on experience, as well as offer them encouragement. This program will also consist of multiple events that include resume building, professional development, and presentation giving events.

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Benicia - Fall of 2014

Summer Mosh Week

PunkHire plans to implement a summer program for one week, starting in the summer of 2013 where students will learn about various professions and engage in activities that will teach them about career opportunities. These fields may include engineering, medical, business, law, public service, and media. PunkHire's staff along with volunteers will conduct the program with assistance from professionals in these various fields. These volunteers will directly work with students, exposing them to their respective professions for an approximate timeframe of six to eight hours each day during this week.

Depending on what field students will be learning about that day, students and volunteers will meet at related facilities such as refineries, hospitals, fire departments, etc. Upon arrival, students will check in with volunteers, spending the entire duration of the approximate six to eight hours learning about that specific field. In the initial stages of the program, PunkHire will dedicate a full day for students to learn about one specific profession/field, where students will then return the next day to learn about another profession/field. They will continue this routine for the five-day duration of the Summer Mosh Program, where five different professional fields will be taught. A required fee may apply to enroll in the Summer Mosh Program to fund the necessary expenses such as facility costs, training equipment, materials, food, etc.

Open Enrollment Starts Summer 2014

Pro-Development Program

PunkHire will implement professional development seminars for approximately a few hours each month. PunkHire, along with volunteers, will provide tutorials for current high school seniors which will include showing students resume techniques, interview skills, interpersonal communication skills and various other methods and tips. These tutorials' aim will be to increase student's professionalism that they can use while they obtain work experience and apply for future jobs. The tutorials will take place during an evening or weekend, once a month where students and volunteers will meet at designated classrooms within their respective high school or other facilities.

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Engineering Field

Engineering Occupations

Engineering professionals design, develop, and build engines, machines, materials, structures and systems, while considering the limitations imposed by safety and cost. These individuals apply mathematical and scientific principles to develop effective solutions to real-world, technical problems. Engineers are also instrumental in the development of consumer goods along with buildings, interstate highways, and transportation systems. They are responsible for developing systems and machinery for extracting and processing many raw materials used by societies worldwide. They develop alternative power sources and are involved in finding new ways to utilize and apply the latest technological advancements.

Types of engineers: Electrical, civil, structural, mechanical, chemical, aeronautical, biomedical, sustainability design, systems, biomechanical, photonics, computer software, computer hardware, nuclear, and agricultural.


Engineering professionals design, develop, and build engines, machines, materials, structures and systems while considering the limitations imposed by safety and cost.

Medical Field

Medical and Healthcare Industries

Every day, twenty-four hours a day, people who work in the healthcare industry provide care for millions of people, from newborns, to the elderly, and from the injured to the very ill. Individuals in this field dedicate their time to saving lives, not only for immediate need, but also over time. The healthcare industry is one of largest providers of jobs in the United States, with a wide range of available professions.

Careers in the Medical Field include: Doctor, surgeon, nurse, dentist, and physical therapist. Many health jobs are in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' offices, dentists' offices, outpatient clinics and laboratories, and are even included in the armed forces units.


The healthcare industry provides care for millions of people, from newborns to the elderly, and from the injured to the very ill.

Business Administration

Business Administration Occupations

A Business Administration degree focuses on business management, and ultimately prepares you to work in the world of commerce. Generally, business administration coursework includes the principles and application of economics, marketing, and planning. Business administration professionals may work in various fields, including the management of healthcare, insurance, real estate, technology, and even retail.

Careers in Business Administration include: Accountant, administrative executive, banker, consultant, executive director, project manager, retail manager or strategic planner, city managers, finance managers, as well as owner of small to large businesses.


Business administration professionals may work in various fields, including the management of health care, insurance, real estate and technology and even retail.

Legal & Judicial

Legal & Judicial Careers

Professionals in the legal field here in the United States deal with matters of the constitution, to resolve issues that arise in the legal system. They may deal with crime, employment, liability, family, corporate, and product patents. Individuals obtain an understanding of law, ethics, and logic along with a familiarity in precedents and past U.S cases at all court levels. Legal professionals must be problem solvers and innovators, willing to tackle new challenges and navigate an ever-evolving legal system.

Careers in the Legal System: Judge, lawyer, paralegal, law clerk, court officer, court reporter, corrections officer, legal secretary, etc.


Legal professionals resolve issues that arise in the legal system that may deal with crime, family issues, employment, government legislation, environmental regulations, corporate contracts, and much more.

Public Service

Public Service

Professionals in the Public Service field tackle and appeal to social issues and finding solutions for them. These issues may include crime management, providing education and health care to children and families, managing global climate change, supplying energy, food, and clean water to households, redeveloping urban and rural areas, etc. The government provides these jobs to its citizens in order to meet the needs of changing populations without necessarily raising taxes. Many careers in the new public sector are devoted to providing vital daily services to the public in cities, counties, states, and nations around the world.

Public service professionals are involved in the fields of electricity, environmental protection, fire service, gas, healthcare, law enforcement, military, public broadcasting, public library, public housing, public transportation, social services, telecommunications, town planning, waste management and water supply network.


Professionals in the Public Service field tackle and appeal to social issues and find solutions for them.

Media & Communications

Media & Communications Careers

Professionals in the Communications field are in charge of providing meaning and understanding to world issues. Communications is a field that deals with the varied processes of human communication, commonly defined as the sharing of symbols to create meaning. The discipline encompasses a range of topics, from face-to-face conversation, to mass media outlets such as television broadcasting and journalism. Communication studies also examine how messages are interpreted through the political, cultural, economic, and social dimensions of their contexts.

Professions in this major include: News Reporter, news anchor, public relations manager, advertisement coordinator, editor of newspapers and magazines, media manager, marketing coordinator, technician, journalist, photojournalist, radio broadcaster, and producer.


Professionals in the Communication field are in charge of providing meaning and understanding to world issues.